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Chole is already learning to sit and stay for as long as I asked for, which she has never done before - that was within the first half hour! I've tried everything from vibration to shock collars, and I really hate using them. I like the idea of a "pack" and going back to their instincts to learn. The change in just the first day was amazing. I can't wait to see what else we can accomplish.
Juliana K., Lagrangeville, New York 20th June 2013

At first it was hard to accept that our actions contributed to Jack's behavior, however having once accepted that our dog is a dog and not a baby, the results were immediate. Barbara spent a lot of time with us, she really seems to care and want us to achieve our goals. We see a big differnce in Jack already.
Kristina V., Fishkill, New York 6th June 2013

The first lesson was yesterday. Today I am so truly amazed the improvement in Abby's behavior! Barbara is vey nice. I liked her immediately and she had an instant connection with Abby. The techniques is almost miraculous. Things we have been strugging with for 2 1/2 years have literally been solved overnight. We couldn't be more pleased and are looking forward to the next session.
Diane H., Esopus, New York 11th May 2013

Barbara was patient, thorough and friendly. She took the time to answaer all of our questions.
Larry W., Fishkill, New York 10th May 2013

We would absoluely recommend Bark Busters to any of our friends and family. Barbara is very professional and friendly, and makes the lesson an enjoyable experience for both the owners and their dogs.
Lauren W., Pleasant Valley, New York 1st May 2013

Barbara was GREAT!Down to earth and relateable. The techniques seem to be natural and easy to use. I would reccomend Barbara to a friend.
Anthony M., Poughkeepsie, New York 20th April 2013

By the end of the first lesson, Sadie was noticeably different. It was interesting to learn how food, shelter, safety and entertainment also play a role in our dog's behavior. Bark Busters training was effective immediately, and we are confident our dog will be successful when following this program.
Danielle W., Tivoli, New York 15th April 2013

We did see results by the end of the first lesson, and are so pleased that with practice the behavior we are looking for is easier and faster to come by. Barbara is great, very patient and easy to work with. She shed light on why our dogs were resonding the way they did. We look forward to working with her further.
Jerilyn H., Amenia, New York 9th April 2013

I couldn't believe the difference by the end of the first training session! I'd been despairing of ever getting Lula to do what I want now! Now I can see how to do that. No gimmicks like "clickers", just a way to bond with my dog and have her want to please me. I look forward to seeing Lula become the world's best dog, with lots of work and Barbara's help!
Amy M., Wingdale, New York 5th July 2012

I loved when Barbara came. She was always calm and patient. Chaz now respects me and [now that] I am the leader, he is more lovable.
Nancy Y., Poughkeepsie 17th October 2009

I was pleased with the calmness of the training, and I learned things I didn't know.
Kathy D., Red Hook 2nd October 2009

Diamond caught on quickly, and the techniques were very easy to learn.
Rachel R., Poughkeepsie 2nd October 2009

My mother noticed a huge difference with Dublin's behavior around her house - she thought he was a new dog!
Jennifer B., Pleasant Valley 2nd October 2009

Barbara was wonderful! We learned so much about how our dog thinks and why she does what she does. Stella was "staying" like never before. The training methods used are sensible and reasonable.
Rachel B., Beacon 2nd October 2009

Unbelievable results! Not achievable with other training we have had.
Maryann K., Hopewell Junction 2nd October 2009

The therapists were very good at explaining techniques, very kind and extremely patient. I observed noticeable results by the end of the lesson. I couldn't believe that this was the same dog.---I am starting to enjoy my dog instead of the opposite and this is just after a few days. Thank you!---Training Olivia [an 8 month old Golden Doodle] was my Christmas present and it's priceless. Thank you!
Susan G., Hyde Park 2nd October 2009

My Min Pin, Brewtus, was out of control before the training. Bark Busters changed our lives.
Alison W., Kingston 2nd October 2009

I was very impressed and never realized what you should do in training your dog. I couldn't believe how the dogs responded!---Teaching your dog in this manner is far better than resorting to shock collars or a newspaper.
Sydne S., Red Hook 2nd October 2009

Barbara was very calm and informative. It was an enjoyable experience. I am excited to see how far my dog will go.
Susan S., Hopewell Junction 2nd October 2009

The work that Barbara and John did with Stitch [a 2½ year old DEAF Australian Cattle Dog and Jade a 5 year old pit bull] was REMARKABLE. These people are AMAZING. Jade and Stitch are now two transformed dogs.
Courtney E., Poughkeepsie 2nd October 2009

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