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I have needed help for a long time and I finally feel that I have it. Barbara was wonderful and I am very excited for the next visit!
Leanne S., Saugerties, New York 24th January 2015

Barbara did a great job explaining everything to us during the first session. I have noticed a huge change in Jaxx's behavior after just one session.
Amanda M., Hyde Park, New York 20th January 2015

Barbara was excellent with my two Jack Russells, and with a moderate amount of training we'll see how much more they will improve. I rate the overall training experience as a "5", and the overall value for my money also as a "5".
Beth S., Highland, New York 20th January 2015

It was a great learning experience all the way around. Very effective! We will learn to address the digging and chewing as we progress.
Barbara R., Hyde Park, New York 18th January 2015

My trainer left me with the feeling that my money was well spent. I am looking forward to having a well behaved dog.
Christine B., Pine Plains, New York 15th January 2015

1 year ago adopted a highly aggressive 1 year old dog. After a year and seeing great improvement I still had a dog a dog that had to be crated If there was a stranger a round. After 2 sessions with Barbara and Bark Busters training tools I no longer have to crate her to let some one into my house. She is now able to enjoy company that comes to visit. we are still working on other issues an are still making progress. I am very pleased with the results.
Barbara R., Clinton Corners, New York 12th December 2014

We had a new puppy who was a bit wild and an older canine who did not like the new addition. With the first lesson, the whole family was taught how to think a 'pack' and what everyone's place is. The canines responded right away and Barbara was incredibly patient with the slow human students. I really like how the pups respond with voice commands instead of having to punish or bribe them. It has definitely made our home much more pleasant. I have already recommended Bark Busters to several friends.
Beth C., Pawling, New York 24th November 2014

I would most definetly recommend Bark Busters to my friends and neighbors. The methods are simple and easy to apply. As an employee of my vet hospital, I will tell anyone about this service.
Barbara R., Clinton Corners, New York 22nd October 2014

The lessons were very informative and professional. The techniques were demonstrated, and Barbara helped me master them.
Kathleen M., Poughkeepsie, New York 29th September 2014

Very impressive results. "Wow!" Very informative re: pack mentallity and at first correcting our behavior. We were losing sleep over our two dogs competing for attention. Bark Busters has brought harmony into the household, safety and peace of mind.
Vita & Robert M., Pleasant Valley, New York 2nd August 2014

We were able to seen results by the end of the first session! Thank you! We are looking forward to the next session
Hannah & Nathan D., Staatsburg, New York 18th July 2014

Methods were easy to understand and apply. Barbara was knowleable and complete in her explanations.
Susan M., Pawling, New York 9th July 2014

I think the stricter routine gave my two dogs confidence that we would protect the one from the other, if necessary. The dog that was toughest to train is scared of the snap device. We don't need to use it often because it is so effective.
Cheryl D., Rhinebeck, New York 14th May 2014

The right body language and the tone of voice seems to have a great impact on the dog and his training.
Angelika S., Hopewell Junction, New York 7th May 2014

Barbara made us feel at ease from the start of our sesson. Shadow was vey nervous at the beginning of the lesson and by the end was much more relaxed. We look forward to our future sessions.
Patty L., Rhinebeck, New York 25th April 2014

After walking and teaching Maya to look at me, she wasable to see our cat without anxiety, which we've been working on for two years without results! I'm looking forward to the next session!
Shannon D., Elizaville, New York 14th April 2014

The tecniques were very easy to understand and made sense. I noticed Abbey was barking a lot less by the end of the first session.
Amanda C., Kingston, New York 29th January 2014

The lessons were easy to understand and made sense. Abbey was barking much less by the end of the first lesson.
Amanda C., Kingston, New York 28th January 2014

The lessons were very well organized and prepared. The use of visual aids along with verbal presentations helped my style of learning. In the first session Hudson responded better than I had expected.
Sue N., Ulster Park, New York 15th November 2013

Barbara explained and re-explained everything. After practicing, we found Buffy to be more enjoyable and now she is learning.
Kay S., Poughkeepsie, New York 17th August 2013

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